Across The Circle’s Edge … beyond 2012


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Note: Currently iTunes is showing the Biography of the other band named Winter from USA – we have approached Apple about this and will keep doing so until they amend the details. Also the names of the tracks have [beyond 2012] included whereas that was intended to be included in the E.P. title only – again – we hope Apple will correct this.

Winter – The Story

Winter were an Irish progressive rock / metal band who received critical acclaim for their live performances in the 1980s and 1990s, combining fine musicianship, based around creating hard rock, multi-layered melodies, with Johnny Lennie’s flamboyant stage presence and clever lyricism.

Winter circa 1990

Winter circa 1990

Their debut E.P. titled Across The Circle’s Edge was released in both Vinyl format (by Circle’s Edge records in 1990) and in CD format (by SI Records in 1992). This E.P. has become something of a collectors item among some progressive rock fans. They were formed in 1987, based in Newtownards, Co.Down and the original line up stayed together until 1991.

The Band – 1987 to 1991

  • Johnny Lennie: vocals & lyrics
  • Rab Beggs: electric / acoustic guitars
  • Phil Murray: keyboards / additional vocals
  • Rick Loyer: bass guitar
  • John Murphy: drums / percussion

Winter Music

These MP3 versions now include Murray’s additional keyboard tracks that were not included in the original E.P. and CD.